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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Seodaemun Prison

I went with some friends this weekend to visit Seodaemun Prison, noted mainly for being used by the Japanese to hold and torture Koreans during the occupation period (early to mid-1900's).

It's basically what you'd expect: a thing to forget. Except that such a bleak time in Korea's history is important to remember . . .

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Dinner Pics

I ate dinner at the home of some friends last weekend. They have a much larger place than I do, and more of a "real" kitchen. We set up the table next to the stove/burners and had a grilling session with some veggies, a lot of Korean beef, and some shrimp (cooked the Korean way with the shells on, though we peeled them before eating; most Koreans don't bother).

We also went to the market to do some food shopping and to snack on some potato pancakes.

Whiteboard Pics

These pics are from a small class with young, advanced (fluent) kids who like to draw on the whiteboard (at least the girls do). We were working on making some vocabulary sentences, and I thought I'd take some pics of the side illustrations . . .