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Friday, 19 July 2013

Stop-Motion Short Film

A quite unique and oddly touching short film:

Blue Sky

Yesterday was the first day in about two weeks that we were able to see some blue sky, as it has been cloudy and rainy every day.  Today I was able to get a picture when the opportunity presented itself again.  Wow--no rain for a day and a half!

Morning Deliveries, Fruits and Veggies, and Cardboard

This restaurant has its food deliveries--here mostly vegetables--lined up outside the store waiting for when they open.  To me it's a pleasant view, a reminder of how little street-level crime crime there is in this area:

Next, and close by, is the outside of the small fruit and veggie shop where I buy fresh produce. They're also getting a delivery, but they're open for business:

Just around the corner--on the street where my English academy is, in one of the buildings further up--is a common sight in Korea.  It's a truck which someone uses for a private business to go around and collect cardboard to sell for recycling:

*cardboard recycling is not an ideal job, as those involved work long hours for what I think I can correctly assume is little pay.  Often the people doing the job are senior citizens, as Korea has traditionally had little or no public pension/support programs for the elderly.  (Children have been expected to fulfill that duty, one which--media reports--they are increasingly reluctant to do so (Thus China's recent law that children must support their parents.).)

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Shot by the Taliban, She Continues to Move Forward

You've heard about her before, but she keeps popping up in the news.

The Taliban really screwed up with this girl . . . I know it's a "feel-good" story, but she has purpose and determination, and I respect her for that:

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Short Film

Watch this one; a bit slow at first, but then the action (and moral) kicks in:

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Summer Veggies and Fruits

Though I don't like the heat and humidity in the summer here, I love the availability of fruits and vegetables; they're also cheaper, especially tomatoes right now.

Here's the lunch food I made this morning for today and tomorrow (I try to eat healthy at least once or twice a day, plus it's just plain good):

Rainy Season

For the past week or so, and for the foreseeable future, every day is rainy here.  It doesn't rain all day, but it rains some every day, and we have had some small thunderstorms, mostly at night.  This time of year in Korea (July and August) is the "rainy season".

While I was wearing sandals, now I go with sneakers, and I always carry an umbrella in my daypack.

I can take two building hallways/tunnels on the way to work:

Those cut down on my "umbrella time".

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Around the City

I took a walk this morning and snapped a pic of this next-to-sidewalk art:

Quite summerish:)

The flowers should grow well now that we are into the hot, humid, rainy days in Korea . . .