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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Saturday, 17 December 2011


The Friday before last, I gave the students in one class (5 advanced girls) bananas for a snack.  However, to make it special, I also gave them some chocolate sauce.  I had done that before, though, so to make it really special I also gave them an Indian (as in "from India") snack, a very sugary coconut mixture.

I put some chocolate syrup in a paper cup, along with the sweet coconut, and told them they could dip their bananas in it.

They loved it.

One girl, though, came to me and said, "Teacher, my banana is gone and I can't . . .." She pointed into her cup, where some of the chocolate syrup and coconut still remained.

I almost burst out laughing.  She couldn't get to the good stuff, as her banana was eaten, but she didn't have the English skills to explain her frustration.  She REALLY wanted to clean up her cup.

The other kids were approaching the same dilemma.

I took pity on them and gave each one a single chopstick to use as a mini-scoop.

If only life's problems were all that simple:)

First Snow

Last weekend we had our first real snow, though it was gone in a few hours.

One of my students wrote in his diary about wanting to play in the snow but waiting until it was over; by the time he went outside it was gone.

Having said that, if it snowed now the stuff would stick around, as we are below freezing.

Cool Vid

Google this:

"Christmas video ornaments"

Click on the first YouTube pic.

It's a 5:39 long (short) video about a Santa ornament.  Fun.