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Thursday, 17 March 2016

About North Korea and Stupid Americans

If you are an American, you should not go to North Korea.


Because Kim Jong-un wants to arrest you, force you to repent on tv, throw you in jail, and sentence you to 15 years hard labor.

All in an effort to use you as a bargaining chip.

Knowing this, if you go to North Korea you are stupid.

For religious reasons.

For self-serving reasons.

For personal reasons.

If you go to North Korea you are stupid.

No American tax-payer dollars should be spent helping out Americans who go to North Korea and get arrested.  No political dealings should be made.  No envoys should be sent.

A buddy of mine one joked that motorcycle riders in the U.S. who do not wear a helmet, and motorists who do not wear seat belts, are only serving to increase the IQ of the country.

The same reasoning applies to those foolish enough to visit North Korea.

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