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Monday, 15 August 2016

Weekend Trip

I visited the east coast the last two days to see a Korean friend.

A lot of other people also visited there (Gangwondo province, Gangneung city), as this is the end of summer vacation time and a 3-day weekend.  Additionally, it is hot, and there are some nice beaches in the area.

We had a big raw fish meal at the beach (we were three people, but there was easily enough food for five):

At this village in the country outside of Gangneung, there are no stores, schools, or any commercial establishments. Only small farming houses.  No children.  Yet you can see the stars at night, and for the first time I saw a marten ( a weasel-like animal) when it crossed the road in front of our car . . .

Anmok beach is the place where locals go (plus a lot of tourists) . . . tons of coffee shops, raw fish restaurants, some grilled shellfish places (my favorite), and more, all in a short stretch (maybe 1 km) along the beach.

Alternatively, you can go to Gyeongpo and hang out with the university-aged tourists from Seoul.

Not for me; I like Anmok.

This raw fish restaurant is in the Anmok beach area.

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