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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Drama Time

In a few of my beginners' classes I do "drama time", which is when the kids role play textbook pages/conversations. I took a few pics of two books that I use for one class; this group of kids is a favorite and not actually beginners, as they have been studying for about two years (much of it with me).

One book, English Time, a very common type of EFL conversation/grammar/phonics "starter", has a conversation page to begin each unit, and the same characters--a boy and a girl--show up in most of the pages. The kids in the class love to pair up and do the "drama" in front of the class; some of them are beginning to incorporate some acting and voice modification, which is great, and I'm going to push them to do more.

The other book is a reading text; we do at least 1 page of each book every class.

Those pages sometimes don't have dialogue, such as in the pics that you see: Farmer Bob getting eggs from the chickens and Mike and Jim eating breakfast. However, the kids wanted to do "drama" anyway, so I said, "Ok, you have to make up the dialogue, and if you do the farmer page one of you has to be a chicken."

They went for it and had a lot of fun, and I am happy that they gave me a new idea for future classes.

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