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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

First Reaction to "The Ban"

Starting this past Monday our English academy instituted a school-wide ban on cell phones/electronic devices, due in large part to students' break time fixation on playing games and/or watching other students play games.

So far the new policy has been tremendously successful.


Perhaps because of a letter to parents that was sent out prior to the ban, our students' attitudes towards the new policy has been great.

Contrary to my expectations, there has been no grumbling or other outward signs of discontentment.

Students have nicely surrendered their phones

One unexpected result (though in hindsight it seems only natural) is that the academy is considerably noisier during our breaks between classes.  Students are conversing instead of playing games, texting, chatting on phones, etc.

The teachers are happier and, frankly, it seems the students are happier too.

So far so good:)

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