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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Can Pencil Cases Be Bad?

Easy answer.

Yes, they can.

There are those metallic /hard plastic pencil cases that fall off a student's desk and shatter eardrums or stimulate heart attacks (the loud crashes are intense), there are those pencil cases that incorporate mini games, and . . . there are these:

Obviously targeting young girls, they are cutsie things that do serve a purpose, but, under the outer (semi-secret) cover, you will find:

A mirror and a comb!

Wow!  Just what a teacher wants--to have young female students combing their hair in class.

The attraction is understandable, but the idea behind it is anti-educational, arguably sexist, and potentially disruptive.

I had a female middle school student several years ago who would occasionally groom herself in class, and after several attempts at asking her nicely to stop (saying that this was not the time nor the place), I confiscated her instruments and materials of beauty.

She cried.

Her mom protested.

Sad mini-drama that was not needed nor wanted.

Whoever designed these cases should be dealt with severely.

Have the designers comb their hair for 100 hours on public TV.

Or, better yet, shave their hair off.

But that's just my opinion.

Fortunately, the female student (4th grade) whom I borrowed this case from to take a picture is a great student and has never tried to admire herself in a mirror nor comb her hair in class.

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