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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Online Murder Mystery

A few of my middle school students who are not participating in this month's public school test preparation have had 5 classes with me.

First, I taught them how to write dialogue for a short story that they wrote (they did a great job!).

Then they wrote a basic 5-paragraph essay about their favorite kind of pet.

(Both assignments were typed, and we edited the drafts together.)

In the last class, yesterday, we did an online murder mystery, which asks students to complete a 3-page Q/A cluesheet.

It is called "The Big Scan" and is appropriate for higher-level students, maybe 6th+ grades:

There is some suggestion of lovers and some slight animated gore involved, so it is not for young kids.

However, it is designed as an educational game, so check it out.

(The cluesheets did not print from the website, but I easily found them--plus an answer sheet--on the web . . . google "the big scan cluesheet questions" or something like that.)

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