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Friday, 15 July 2016


Today started out poorly, because at the construction site next to my apartment building, they started installing a construction crane at 7 am (every morning, 7 am = noise).

However, today is Friday, which is always good, though some students complain about having to go to academies on Saturday.

One of my classes did their presentations today.  They have been practicing for several weeks using PowerPoint presentations.  Overall they did a good job (2 teams of 2 students).

The other 11 classes will present next week, and most of them are prepared . . . we have spent a lot of class time practicing, though it has been hard with some middle schoolers because they were absent for public school test preparation and just came back this week, yet we are going to get it done.

The rainy season is coming back after a week's hiatus . . . maybe a bit cooler?  Who knows?  The weather forecast changes every day . . .

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