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Thursday, 21 July 2016

Student Presentations

10 of my classes have done their presentations over the last 2 days, and, for the most part, I have been happy with their efforts.

They have mostly worked to turn previous writings--such as paragraphs in their writing books--into PowerPoint deliveries in a public setting.

The students practiced a lot, and generally have learned the format/template that we want them to employ, yet they came up a bit short in areas such as speaking too quickly, not gesturing enough, and not answering questions in full sentences.

I talked with some middle-school students about these issues tonight, yet they are so focused on learning their "scripts" that they don't pay attention to my guidance about creating a good PowerPoint
and describing the pictures.

However, the process has been good for them, and I believe that they have benefited from it. There has been more concern about the presentations--as opposed to standard class homework--simply because it is more public.

Some of the classes, especially the M/W/F ones, have had a lot of time to practice, and should demonstrate a solid basic ability to deliver a presentation in English.

I feel for them--they are nervous, they want to please, and (for the large part) they are good students . . . 

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