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Friday, 1 July 2016

Today's Strange Event

Maybe "freaky" is a better word.

I was headed to my school's building in the late morning.

There were quite a few people at the crosswalk where we were waiting for the light to change.

Among the people were a group (5-6) of older middle school girls.  They had apparently just gotten out of school (perhaps they finished their school tests today) early, and they were dressed in their sports uniforms, in this case white shirts with blue shorts.

The light changed, and we began to cross the street.

As we got to the other side, one of the girls, quite tall, turned to the others and said something in a loud voice full of anguished emotion.

I saw part of the girl's face, and she was visibly upset.  Very upset.

All of the girls turned left except for the emotional one, who turned right.

I was also going right, so the put me about 15 feet behind her.

She was kind of stomp-walking . . . her emotional distress was evident in her pace.

Up ahead, parked on the sidewalk, was an older-style motorcycle.

This girl walked up to it, grabbed it with two hands, rocked it once, and then crashed the motorcycle on its side.

I was shocked!

A woman who was walking near the girl saw what she had done and took off running.  I presume the woman was afraid and wanted to get away.

However, the girl was not finished.

20 feet further on a white motor scooter was parked on the sidewalk, and the girl grabbed this too and crashed it onto its side.

I don't know what happened after that (though I did see a police car), but I really hope the girl is ok.

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